Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Anti-Checklist When Looking at Wenham MA Real Estate Properties

Searching for a new home can be daunting, and when looking at Wenham MA real estate properties there will be some that are not the right fit for your needs. An anti-checklist gives you a way to avoid some common house hunting errors that plague many inexperienced home buyers.

Don’t DIY

See a home you like? It can be tempting to simply call the number listed on the “For Sale” sign, but do not do this. First, you can be putting your safety in danger by talking to strangers and entering an unfamiliar home. In addition, it might simply waste your time when you have no idea if the home meets your price range or criteria. Finally, a seller will assume you’re not represented by anyone, which means they can have an unfair advantage during the bargaining process. Post originally appeared on BuyersChoiceRealty.com blog page.

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