Saturday, December 31, 2016

Wenham, MA Real Estate: An Active Community for Happy Holidays

Historical sites and peaceful rural sceneries make Wenham, MA one of the best places to start a family or to retire. In a place that’s steeped with history, residents celebrate cultural art exhibits and preserve historical villages and buildings. Moreover, to develop close family ties, various public and private organizations offer facilities for family bonding and youth-centered activities. Wenham, MA offers more with its wide range of holiday events during November and December. Celebrating the holidays the Wenham Way builds a strong community spirit that commemorates the past, while looking forward to participating in a modern world.

Active Community Spirit

With nearly 5,000 residents, Wenham seeks to engage them with different community-based projects and activities. Unsurprisingly, the local civic society supports numerous social and historical initiatives. Read more on this article:

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